Our program is a complete Chinese immersion program that combines language learning with LEGO® playing and follows the cutting-edge research and best practices in second language learning. Students will be immersed in Chinese speaking environment 100% of class time and gain familiarity with Chinese culture through designing and building LEGO® cities from scratch. Subject matter (Civics) taught in Chinese and Chinese learning per se is incorporated as necessary throughout the curriculum.

The goals are to lay a solid foundation of  Chinese learning from teaching Pinyin and Tones to developing students listening, speaking, and writing skills expanded upon Civics topics. Classes are taught by native speakers with extensive experience. All classes are 15 sessions and last a whole semester.


Building LEGO® City in Chinese Speaking Environment

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To practice Chinese in the authentic Lego city setting is just as living in Beijing or Shanghai. Kids can go to a McDonald’s and order burgers in Chinese.

Besides daily conversation, they will also have the chance to do presentations and debates in Chinese. Kids will also acquire an understanding of and appreciation for other cultures. At the end of our program, students will truly be on the path to global citizenship.


Learning Platform

We will have our  Chinese learning platform , containing Chinese learning tutorials and exercises in accordance with workbooks handed out in class. Students and parents could use it to get ready for the upcoming class, do practices on Chinese learning, review what they have learned.

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Fall 2013 Schedule

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Level: Entry Level

This program is for students with no or a little Mandarin Chinese foundation.


Recommended Age:  4-10

We will divide students into two classes according to their age as well as their Chinese level. For example, if we have four-year-old kid who speaks a little bit Chinese or lives in a Chinese speaking environment, then we will consider having him/her in the advanced class.



Immersive & experiential learning has proven to be highly effective methods of learning.

Chinese immersion is a method of teaching Chinese in which the language is the medium of classroom instruction. Through this method, learners study subjects, such as math, science, and social studies, in Chinese. The main purpose of this method is to foster bilingualism. In the Mandarin immersion classroom, there will not be a single English word and none of the students are aware that their teacher speaks English.



Our teachers are native Chinese speakers who bring teaching experience from the United States. It is a research fact that foreign language instruction is best taught by native speakers who conduct their classes entirely in the target language. The curriculum is guided by an experienced curriculum specialist bilingual in Chinese and English to help manage the class.


Interactive Classroom Technology 

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We are using cutting-edge classroom technology such as Smart Boards and Smartpens (keep track of what students write down on their textbooks), which turns traditional classroom into interactive and engaging learning environment. Teachers and students collaborate dynamically through their interactive textbooks and digital pens in real-time.


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